Savvy Community

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2019- Community Self-produced Game Prototyping, Workshops, Online Meetings, Philosophical Debates, Learning

Savvy Community is the project under which we make our R&D efforts. It is a community open to anyone interested in creating video games and sharing some key-values: horizontality, tolerance, benevolence and a certain taste for learning. The community counts more than 50 professionals, students and other video game enthusiasts.

As part of this project, we built a methodology suited for collectively coming up with innovating game concepts, and for turning these concepts into concrete games in record time. We work on games during game jams that last from 1 up to 30 days, and always allocate a lot of time for philosophical discussions about the themes we pick. This method is an attempt to set up a model for making games differently, putting forth a strong and flexible methodology in order never to rely on crunch. We created more than 20 games within Savvy Community and carefully perfected our method doing so.

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